Tuesday, September 9, 2014

America’s Best Survey: Price the Reason Most People Don’t Get Eye Exams

A survey, called Eye Health Awareness and Access commissioned by America’s Best, found that even though 93% said their health was import, 40 percent have not had an eye exam in the past year, and 10 percent have never seen an eye doctor. African-Americans were almost twice as likely to have never done so. That’s the word from an America’s Best press release appearing on Yahoo! Finance Canada. The top reason people give for why they have not recently visited their eye doctor is "No need – I am seeing fine," with 37 percent saying this, followed closely by "I cannot afford it," said by 34 percent. These same people say they expect to pay more than $90 for an eye exam, showing they are not aware of more affordable options.The majority of people also feel that their eyeglasses cost too much for what they got, with the cost of their eyeglasses averaging close to $200 for their last pair. Nearly a quarter paid more than $250. As a result of the survey, America’s Best came up with the Rickey Smiley frames, available for two-for-$104.95 deal with single vision plastic lenses and an eye exam. Price is cited as the most important factor when shopping for eyeglasses (74 percent of people said this), followed by quality (57 percent), location (47 percent), convenience (41 percent) and hours (19 percent). Read more. Watch comedian Rickey Smiley interviewing people about eye health.

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