Saturday, August 30, 2014

New Eyewear from Nike Vision

"Nike Vision introduces the Nike Flexon Hyper collection, a groundbreaking new line that combines the wearable style and lightweight comfort of plastic-framed eyewear with the progressive strength and flexibility of our advanced memory metal—Flexon," says Midwest Lens. "Designed specifically for active people who are tough on their frames, the Nike Flexon Hyper collection is built with a dual-injected manufacturing process featuring a TR-70 chassis sealed inside rubber, with Nike Flexon encased in the nosebridge. All three materials are ultra lightweight and flexible, and thanks to Nike Flexon’s innovative memory properties, the frames can bend, but are engineered to return to the original fit and shape. The result? Comfortable, more durable frames that are designed to take on the abuse of life." Read more.

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