Monday, March 3, 2014

Safety First! How Eye Care Pros Can Prevent Workplace Injuries

The workplace isn’t a safe place for eyes. Every day, 2,000 Americans suffer a job-related eye injury that requires treatment, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

Flying particles and contact with chemicals are responsible for nine in 10 of those injuries mainly because people wear the wrong eye protection or none at all.

The solution may seem simple - wear protective goggles - but contact lenses also can play a big role in workplace eye safety. They're not a suit of armor for eye, but they can improve worker safety (and increase productivity).

Wearing contact lenses provides a wider field of vision and reduces distortion. They also allow workers to work more comfortably while wearing the proper protective eyewear.

As eye care professionals, taking the time to ask patients about their jobs, advising them on the benefits and limitations of contact lenses, and teaching them eye irrigation techniques can go a long way in saving their vision.

you’re at it, asking about their hobbies and home chores can significantly reduce injuries. Home repairs, cleaning, cooking, yard work, and other domestic activities result in more than 40 percent of all eye injuries. Another 40 percent is the result of sports and recreation.

Because of new designs and materials, contact lenses have an expanding demographic. On April 6 at Foxwoods Resort and Casino, OpticalCEUs founder Linda Conlin discusses in greater depth the role of contact lenses in the workplace.

Her course “Contact Lenses on the Job” will address the advantages and disadvantages of contact lens wear in a variety of work environments, show when contact lenses are appropriate and provide instruction on how to respond to contact lens wear-related problems in the workplace.

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