Sunday, November 10, 2013

How Most of Your Patients See Eyewear

"I have worn glasses for many years and I still am not used to them. They are crutches I wear on my face to see like a normal person, according to a post in the Phoenix Star. "Without my glasses, I am pretty much helpless. Everything looks like an impressionist painting. I sometimes wonder if the great impressionists were inspired by uncorrected myopia. Renoir, Monet, Degas ... if they had worn glasses, if they had received annual reminders, like I get, to visit their optometrist, they might have painted the same flat, uninspired landscapes that everyone else was doing at the time....[G]lasses are pretty much a nuisance. They're always breaking or getting lost or going out of style and they are scandalously expensive. A new pair of glasses always cost just a little less than hiring someone to lead you around. Choosing new frames always is an ordeal. For men, at least, there are only about three basic styles." Read more.

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