Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Google Institutes Learning Centers for Google Glass Users

"New Google Glass users will no longer need to head to one of the company's offices to pick up the eyewear, but they will need to sit through a Hangout session before they can use it," according to a post on CNET. "According to Android Central, folks who join the Google Glass Explorer Program and purchase the eyewear will now have their product shipped to them. Before they start using the tech, however, they will need to sit through a Google+ Hangout with an 'experienced Glass Guide.'" Read more.

Google reportedly will release the augmented reality eyewear next year with a price tag of $1500. Microsoft is testing its AR eyewear (click for details), and others manufacturers are coming out with the their versions (click for details).

The software company also has hooked up with Maui Jim and Zeiss to provide "shades" for its eyewear. It has an "installation" guide here.  It also noted that an individual could purchase them at the Google Store, but when the link was clicked at press time, a 404 error page popped up.

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