Sunday, January 10, 2016

New Aero Eyewear from Match

"Match Eyewear takes the Aero collection in a new direction with lighter than air styles with “click and twist” screw-less hinge technology. The collection, consisting of three styles for men and one for the ladies, offers the latest advancements in screw-less hinge technology combined with the weightlessness of injected acetate," reports Midwest Lens. "With a mere 'click' and 'twist,' the temples can be interchanged with an alternate color, allowing the end consumer the ability to customize their frames to their personal color preferences. The new screw-less hinge technology makes light work of changing temples with three easy steps; (1) Take hold of the front end piece and the temple, (2) press down on the temple, until you hear the click and (3) twist the temple around the hinge hook and remove." Read more.

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