Friday, January 8, 2016

Charmant USA Goes Green with New Eyewear

"Eyewear company Charmant USA has announced the launch of a new eyewear brand that is sure to take eco-friendly eyewear to a new level," reports Fashion Times. "awear, which launched January 2016, specializes in bio-made sustainable optical glasses and sunglasses. Its inaugural collection of ergonomic eyewear was designed to be lightweight, fashion-forward and completely eco-friendly. The brand boasts an unyielding commitment to environmentally conscious practices, from design to production. All of the glasses' frames and sun lenses are made with sustainable materials -- the frames themselves are created from recyclable bio-based plastic. And since the bio-based plastic is made from a plant-based material, the glasses are also said to absorb Co2 emissions." Read more.

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