Friday, January 15, 2016

Marchon Runs Philathropic Project for Artists

"Marchon, a New York City-based eyewear distributor, takes on a philanthropic project annually. Focusing on local and regional artists, the company looked for artists who work with repurposed materials. Marchon scouted [Steve] Wipfli’s booth and invited him to participate in 2015’s challenge," notes the Toledo City Paper. '"They asked, "Would you be interested in creating a piece of art from materials that we would send you?,"' said Wipfli. 'I agreed, and got a box in the mail that included lenses, frames‚ the side-bows to frames, their catalogues, promotional materials, old cases, sample lenses with different tints— all kinds of stuff. I was to make a sample piece in a month or two. After a few weeks, I got the email back saying I was one of the artists accepted.' For the next step, Wipfli had to transform his preliminary sample into a larger, more finished piece." Read more.
Wipfi's winning work.

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