Friday, May 22, 2015

Campaign for Utah's AG Reportedly Received a Donation from 1-800 Contacts

"Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes accepted a $5,000 campaign donation from a contact lens seller based in the state after his office began defending a new law that critics say was written at the company's behest," according to an Associated Press report on ABC News. "Three of the nation's biggest contact lens makers are suing Utah over the law, which bans price-fixing for lenses and could have wide-ranging implications for the industry. They argue it is unconstitutional and was written to benefit discount retailers like 1-800 Contacts. The companies filed suit April 13. On May 1, Reyes' campaign deposited a $5,000 check from 1-800 Contacts, which by that time had joined the lawsuit in favor of the law." Read more. What is the significance? In this era of multimillion political campaigns, five grand ain't much. Besides it was the legislature that passed the law banning unilateral pricing by contact lens manufacturers.

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