Friday, May 10, 2013

Google Talks with Warby Parker about Prescription Google Glasses

“Google is reportedly talking with eyewear upstart Warby Parker about designing less geeky frames that would include the Glass apparatus. While the optical frame maker could certainly add some fashion to Glass, perhaps making it less cyborg-like, it could also provide an efficient way to sell and distribute Google's wearable computer,” reports computer-industry observer CNET. “For Glass buyers requiring prescription lenses, Google has a fulfillment problem that Warby Parker can help solve. Unlike other wearable devices, such as a watches or bands that come in a few colors, acquiring glasses with corrective lenses is far more high touch. You need to choose a frame style, deal with prescription lenses (currently on single vision, no progressive lenses) and get properly fitted. It's not a service that Google is suited to perform.” Read more.

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