Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Hoya Introducing New Products to Help Opticans and Their Patients

"Belgian 3D printing company Materialise has recently announced an exciting new partnership with HOYA Vision Care to develop an innovative visualization and eye testing technology that could potentially change the nature of eye exams and customer experience in optical shops," according to 3ders. "The first two products to be announced by the companies, and which will be the first products we can expect to use in eye care facilities, are the HOYA Vision Simulator and the HOYA EyeGenius.
The ...simulator will be used in optical stores to allow customers to experience what their vision will be like wearing their new lenses before they actually buy them. The headset uses virtual reality technology to immerse its users into a 3D world through the prescription lens. a new type of vision examination system capable of calculating the ideal prismatic prescription for the correction of fixation disparity. The system, which will be used by opticians, can also be used for 60 additional vision tests including refraction, binocular vision screening, and visual function screening, to name but a few." Read more. Hoya Vision Care, Materialise, Hoya Vision Simulator, Hoya EyeGenius,

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