Tuesday, February 2, 2016

New Line of Eyewear, Called Neubau

"Neubau eyewear, which was presented for the first time at the OPTI trade fair in Munich, is an homage to creativity, innovation and the zeitgeist of the Millennial Generation. The worldwide launch of its optical eyewear collection will be in June 2016, with 12 models in six colors each. The first neubau sunglasses collection will follow in October 2016," notes Midwest Lens. "Backed by Austrian manufacturer Silhouette International Schmied AG, neubau eyewear joins a portfolio of brands that includes Silhouette Eyewear and adidas Sport Eyewear, contributing a new, distinctive blend of innovative urban design, youthful appeal and highly sophisticated technology and materials. To support the launch of neubau as well as its other brands and products, Silhouette has recently increased its number of employees by 20% and anticipates solid growth across the United States." Read more.

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