Thursday, October 22, 2015

Alzheimer's Affects Vision

"'Her car keys are right in front of her and she doesn’t see them,' her husband complained. 'Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise, because I’m worried about her driving too. She scraped the side of the garage twice last week when she was parking. She just got a new pair of glasses, but they haven’t helped a bit.'” That's the start of a Bright Focus post about the impact of Alzheimer's on vision. "Mrs. W* looked at the ground, embarrassed. She knew her husband’s concern was a reflection of his love and frustration. At age 59, she thought she was young to have Alzheimer’s disease (AD), but also felt certain that something was wrong with her thinking. She was getting more and more worried about this. Neuropsychiatric assessment found her memory to be only mildly impaired..." Read more.

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