Friday, January 16, 2015

Eyewear Does Make You Look Smart

That’s the essence of a report that appeared a few days ago in the Wall Street Journal (see video). Here’s some of the text:
While trying to look intelligent, a lot of people do things that make them look dumb. For instance, people use big words or put on a poker face—tactics that can backfire for some, studies show. A growing amount of research is teasing out how people form first impressions of others’ intelligence—and how well it works when you try to manage those impressions. The cues people look for in assessing each other’s intelligence are simple. But they aren’t always easy to pull off under pressure. They include showing self-confidence, speaking clearly and smoothly, and responding thoughtfully to what others are saying, research shows. …Some simple stereotypes about intelligence can also shape others’ first impressions. Wearing eyeglasses can lead strangers to regard you as more intelligent, says a 2011 study in the Swiss Journal of Psychology.
The Atlantic Monthly ran a similar article back in August. You might want to give that a glance as well. Think of it as marketing research. With this type of information, which is all supported by social science research, you have more information to offer your patients and customers.

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