Sunday, December 15, 2013

Patients Say Cutting-Edge Physician; Feds Say Medicare Fraud

"As a child, Oscar Haza almost lost his left eye in a bike accident in the Dominican Republic. As an adult, he began losing vision in the same eye from retina damage," reports the Miami Herald. "But today, the Miami journalist is able to host TV and radio news shows, thanks to Lucentis, an injectable drug that has helped combat his macular degeneration. Haza considers the ophthalmologist who regularly sticks a needle into his left eye — Salomon Melgen — a miracle worker.'He’s not a conservative eye doctor,' said the 61-year-old Haza. 'He’s always been on the cutting edge.' That’s not exactly how the FBI and the Department of Health and Human Services view the West Palm Beach ophthalmologist. Melgen, 59, has been under a federal grand jury investigation for alleged Medicare fraud for more than a year." Read more.

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